TEFL or TESOL course is almost synonymous to traveling to exotic land, mingling with interesting cultures and finding an alternative career in the process. This site intends to give you a comprehensive idea about the world of TEFL. TEFL or TESOL is a certificate absolutely mandatory for teaching English as Second Language. So if you think that you have command over English language and have a passion for traveling, do not think twice before embarking on a ‘TESOL journey.’

There are many schools across the globe conducting TESOL training. There are both onsite and online TEFL courses. However, onsite TEFL courses are becoming more popular as would be teachers are able to visit the destinations where they are likely to get ESL jobs. In the native English speaking countries, the opportunities of the TESOL trained teachers are very limited and most of the lucrative ESL jobs are concentrated in non-English speaking countries of South America, Europe and Asia.

TESOL is not just a teachers training, it is a key to a very different and adventurous lifestyle and here you will find what you need.